Essential 3.5" Paring Knife (9cm)

Essential 3.5" Paring Knife (9cm)


Highly user-friendly knife with professional cutting performance

Small multi purposed knife, also known as small chef’s knives

1.V-Profile Precision Edge: symmetrical V-Profile Precision Edge provides a consistent cutting edge with a 30° angle. The sharp angle glides effortlessly through all types of food and makes cutting with V-Profile equipped knives a supreme experience

2.Supreme German Stainless Steel: Well-balanced carbon and chrome composition provides a high-quality stainless steel for rust and stain-free blade with supreme sharpness and high edge retention

3.Balanced Full Tang Handle: Made from synthetic material for durability and hygiene, the full tang handle feels perfectly balanced and smooth

4.Angled Bolster: The bolster provides the best ergonomic usability for controlled and accurate cutting using the entire blade from bolster to tip

5.Robust Three Rivet Construction: Triple riveted construction is built to perform and withstand the stress of all kitchen environments

Handle: ABS
Blade: German Stainless Steel


Create a modern and long lasting line of essential kitchenware that makes cooking food at home easier.