Essential Cookware - 20cm Single Pot (3 litre capacity)

Essential Cookware - 20cm Single Pot (3 litre capacity)


Premium Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Series

1.Features Greblon 3-layer non-stick ceramic coating with 4mm extra thick 3003 Aluminum Alloy

2.PFOA-free non-stick ceramic coating promotes healthy cooking with less oil and harmful elements from burnt food

3.SS430 Stainless-Steel plate protector, providing thorough heat transfer and excellent heat retention & distribution

4.Silicone lid seal offers extra protection to non-stick ceramic coating

5.Suitable for all types of cooktops, including: Electric, Gas, Ceramic and Induction

Body Material:Aluminum 3003

Base Material:Aluminum + SS430 Stainless Steel plate protector

Lid Material:Glass lid with air vent

Interior Finish Material:Greblon 3-layer non-stick ceramic coating

Exterior Material:Black metallic colour



Create a modern and long lasting line of essential kitchenware that makes cooking food at home easier.