Essential Natural Wood Fibre Cutting Board (XS size: W23cm x H17.2cm x D0.6cm)

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Duraboard with over 46 layers of high density, compressed wood fiber composites for zero porosity.

*Double – sided Use
  Grooved side to catch meat or fish drippings
  Full area side for vegetables, bread or serving
*Dishwasher safe
  FDA Certified
*Stain resistant

Extra-Small : W17.2cm x H23cm x D0.6cm

Small           : W23.5cm x H29.8cm x D0.6cm

Medium     : W27.5cm x H37cm x D0.6cm

Large          : W32.5cm x H44cm x D0.6cm

MaterialHigh Density Compressed Wood Fiber

                Silicone feet